Top 10 Moisturizing Gloves – Wave Goodbye to Dry Hands and Feet

Dry hands, cracked heels, eczema, psoriasis, allergies of the hands and feet need overnight application of moisturizing lotions and ointments.

With our list of Top 10 Moisturizing gloves, you can find the right fit for your skin condition and hand size for that perfect solution to your dryness issues.

Some of these gloves come with moisturizing gel lining requiring no additional lotion while most are meant for containing spillage and staining from the overnight application of essential medicine.

Most of these gloves fit either hand and are washable and durable. Sizing shouldn’t be an issue for most (but not all) of the gloves and socks in our list as they have standard measurements.

Top 10 Moisturizing Gloves

1. CARA Moisturizing Eczema Cotton Gloves

CARA Moisturizing Eczema Cotton Gloves

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These moisturizing gloves are made from 100% cotton and aid in the absorption of hand creams and ointments.

They’re hypoallergenic and can also be used to conceal skin disorders.  They’re washable and each glove can fit on either hand.

Key Points

*Washable and reusable so provide great value

*Each glove fits either hand

*Made from 100% cotton

What did actual customers have to say?

*One customer said these gloves are well made and sturdy for limited use

*Another customer said these gloves are a great value, high quality, and thicker than most other cotton gloves

*Another customer said these gloves help them apply the cream for psoriasis on their hands

2. Eurow 100% Premium Cotton Cosmetic Moisturizing Natural Therapy Gloves

Eurow 100% Premium Cotton Cosmetic Moisturizing Natural Therapy Gloves

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The Eurow 100% premium cotton cosmetic therapy gloves facilitate the absorption of moisture into the skin.

One size fits most and they are very comfortable to wear.

Feel the difference in your skin in a matter of hours after using them and overnight use ensures the lotion won’t escape onto your clothes or bed sheets.

The gloves can be used to conceal skin disorders as a part of an outfit or costume. They’re machine washable, durable, and reusable.

Key Points

*Machine washable and reusable for great value

*One size fits most

*Lock-in moisture for ultimate relief

What did actual customers have to say?

*One customer said the gloves are a great deal for two pairs

*Another customer said these are a good deal for the price, but they won’t fit on large hands

*Another customer said the gloves are thin and breathable so hands don’t get hot

3. Leah Mitchell – Moisturizing Therapeutic Gloves

Leah Mitchell - (4 pairs) Moisturizing Therapeutic Gloves

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Got dry hands? Use the Leah Mitchell moisturizing cotton gloves made from 100% premium cotton from East Asia.

Using a unique stitching method for that premium fit, these gloves lock in the moisture.

Made to fit most hands, the gloves are 9-inch each in size and each pack of 4 pairs come with a free hand lotion packet. Air drying recommended.

Key Points

* High-quality gloves made from the best hand-picked cotton and special stitching methods

*One size fits most

*Touch screen friendly

What did actual customers have to say?

*The gloves fit great and wash up well, according to one customer

*Another customer said they’ve been searching for something that fits naturally

*Another customer recommended these they got these for a spouse with eczema with positive results

4. Malcolm’s Miracle Green Moisturizing Gloves

Malcolm's Miracle Green Moisturizing Gloves

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Give yourself the full spa treatment at home with these made in the US with super-soft 94% high-grade gloves.

Made from breathable cotton and 6% spandex, Malcolm’s Miracle green moisturizing gloves keep their shape after washing.

One size fits most, although these are also available in small.

Made for a fit that’s snug and comfortable, the gloves eliminate the need to sleep in and can be worn anytime.

Key Points

*Made in the USA from 94% super-soft breathable cotton

*One size fits most, available in small

* Two-year manufacturer guarantee

What did actual customers have to say?

*A review left by a customer on their third pair of these gloves commented the gloves help their nightly skincare routine

*Another customer said they fit well but don’t feel tight

*Another customer said, unlike plain cotton gloves, these don’t just fall off and don’t itch

5. Pinkiou Soften Silicon Gloves

Pinkiou Soften Silicon Gloves and Socks Moisturize Cracked

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The Pinkiou gloves and socks are designed to moisturize the skins and make your hands and feet look fresh and nourishing.

Moisturize cracked heels and palms with the gel matrix rich in vitamin E and mineral oils such as jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, etc.

The unisex gloves and socks can repair dry and rough hands and feet through the release of mineral oil via the gel.

Use with a body lotion or hand cream for better results.

Key Points

*Lined with gel matrix rich in Vitamin E and mineral oils

*Designed to moisturize the skin and make your hands and feet feel fresh

*Can be used for body lotion or cream for better effect

What did actual customers have to say?

*One customer said she used them a few times each week to keep her hands and feet soft

*Another customer said they arrived sooner than expected, and have a nice scented gel inside

*Another customer said the set helped them with their dry knuckles

6. NatraCure Moisturizing Gel Gloves

NatraCure Moisturizing Gel Gloves

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With Jojoba, Olive, and Grape Seed oil NaturaCure moisturizing gloves are hypoallergenic as well as dermatologist tested.

They help treat dry and cracked heels (heel sleeves), damaged cuticles, eczema, and dry skin of every sort.

Key Points

*Gel contains Jojoba oil, Olive and grapeseed oil

*Help treat dry and cracked heels, dry skin

*Come with free bonus heel sleeves

What did actual customers have to say?

*One customer said these are magical for dry hands and were effective within 10 minutes

*Another customer said they it relieved them from their cancer drugs induced hand-foot syndrome

*Another customer said it worked great for her husband’s cracked heels, which have shown much improvement

7. Earth Therapeutics Aloe Infused Moisturizing Gloves & Socks Set

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Infused Moisturizing Gloves

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Earth Therapeutics Aloe Moisture Ultra Plush Gloves & Socks are naturally infused with aloe vera that continually moisturizes while surrounding your feet and hands in plush comfort.

Sock pattern (snowflake or plaid) and ribbon color may vary.

Key Points

*Naturally infused with aloe vera for continuous moisturization

*Aloe will not wash out, lasts for 20 washes

*One size fits all

What did actual customers have to say?

*Really soft and fits well, said one customer, not too tight and comfortable to sleep in, she added.

*Another customer said they have it for over a month now, putting on couple times a week before bed for smooth and moist skin

*Another customer said they slept with them after liberal application of moisturizing cream and it helped a lot.

8. Beauty Care Wear Medium White Cotton Gloves

Beauty Care Wear Medium White Cotton Gloves

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These specialized gloves have a fitted design with separately sewn thumb for the most comfortable fit, premium cotton material prevents irritation in even the most sensitive skin.

The wristband on these gloves is made from supportive elastic and stitched for ultimate grip.

Their protective thickness keeps out harmful elements while retaining moisture. An ambidextrous flex design allows for multiple washes and matching lost pairs.

Key Points

*Prevents rough and rubber glove material from Deteriorating Your Skin.

*Designed With Your Hand Measurements In Mind Custom.

*Thickness Shields Your Hands From Chemicals And Environment.

What did actual customers have to say?

*One customer with extremely dry hands in the winter found these gloves good for them and recommended the pair

*Another customer said they fit perfectly and exceeded her expectations of comfort and quality

*Another customer said they’re a great fit, they loved that the gloves grip around the wrist

9. Moisturizing Gloves – Best Hydrating Hand & Nail Mask

Moisturizing Gloves Hand Mask

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These hydrating hand and nail mask come from Korea, a land known for its beauty products and dermal therapy treatments.

They have an anti-aging formula that smooths fine lines and gives your skin a firm and youthful look. With natural botanical extracts, these gloves slow down the reduction of collagen that comes with age.

Touchscreen friendly, these gloves can be used while operating digital devices and are great for all skin types. One size fits all.

Key Points

*9 botanical extracts like shea butter, olive, rose, etc. to repair damaged skin and retain a youthful glow

*Helps to strengthen nails, moisturize hands & soften cuticles.

*For all skin types, touchscreen friendly

What did actual customers have to say?

*One thin-skinned customer said it was easy to use and effective, she would probably buy again if her hands need pampering

*Another customer said she is in love with the mask, the essence inside is the right amount and there isn’t any fuss or mess involved in using it

*Another customer said she loves Elixir products and this mask helps keep her hands moist, it is a perfect gift as well

10. To dream Cotton Men’s Gel Moisturizing Gloves

Codream Cotton Men's Gel Moisturizing Gloves

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These Codream Cotton gloves are 90% cotton and 10% spandex allowing for the slight stretch needed to fit most medium to large women’s and men’s smaller hands.

Washable and reusable, they work on dry feet and hands instantly, locking in the moisture with their non-breathable gel lining.

The set contains natural botanical oil and other essential oils and vitamin E for faster action on dry or chapped skin.

Key Points

*Essential Oils and Vitamin E for smooth skin texture and for younger-looking hands and feet

*Full gel lining design to moisturize entire feet

*One size fits most

What did actual customers have to say?

*One customer with psoriasis and cracked heels said these socks and gloves are of excellent quality

*Another customer said the smell is funny but they worked for her husband they lock in moisture and are surprisingly comfortable

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