Top 10 Things You Should Never Google

Ever given thought to how life would have been without Google? This giant search engine can provide an answer to just about every question you have, but you still need to treat it with care. The thing is, Google boasts sheer power at its fingertips and what you type in that little magic box could bring you great results that could either add more value to your life or leave you feeling shocked or disgusted.

So what’s the point?

Well, it’s pretty simple — there are some things you should never Google. Here are ten things you wouldn’t want to type in that little magic box that’s right beneath the Google logo.

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Things you should never type into Google

1. Skin Conditions

For starters, there are a whole lot of diseases connected with the skin and the thing is, you wouldn’t want to know about them. The bad news is, Google has a collection of online images that depict these diseases perfectly. But the good news is, you don’t have to search for them as such content can be very disturbing. Also, try as much as possible not to look up Blue Waffle — it could scar you for life!

2. Bedbugs on Mattress

Ever given thought to what bedbug infestation looks like? That’s one phrase you wouldn’t want to type in Google’s little magic box — the results will be downright disturbing. The bottom line; don’t ever look it up unless you want to quit sleeping at night — there’s no point trading your beauty sleep for crap.

3. Any Symptom You’re Experiencing

What you should know is that there are a whole lot of websites focus on health problems but most of them are run by regular people. In other words, they’re not managed by medical doctors. So, typing your symptoms in that box won’t do you any good — it could even make matters worse and leave you in bad shape. A real doctor visit is way better for you.

4. Anything related to Crime

Now there’s a good chance of looking up a number of dangerous “how to’s” out of pure interest — it could be “how to shoot a gun” or “how to make a bomb.” What you should know is that your harmless curiosity can put you in serious trouble. How? Well, it’s only because security and drug control services have a way of tracking such questions and your IP address may show up in their database — pretty sure you get the point!

5. Cancer

Just don’t do any research on this topic — trust me, it’s way better to stay clueless. The thing is, there are a lot of diseases that come with symptoms that are pretty similar to those that occur in harmless conditions, and cancer is not an exception. So, you could be experiencing symptoms of a minor issue and mistake it for cancer — this is why you shouldn’t look it up, ever!

6. Dangerous Animals

There’s a good chance of having several different phobias you’re trying to deal with, and you wouldn’t want to add a new one to the list. The thing is, the world is chock full of terrifying animals, and there’s a good chance that some of them being in your state or region, so it’s in your best interest to stay ignorant.

7. Your Name

Today, it’s no longer news to know that our privacy is greatly questioned in the online world. Looking up your name could present you with results you never wanted to see, and that’s bad. For the most part, you could end up seeing terrible photos of you or some other irrelevant stuff you never wanted to find online. So, it’s best not to google it.

8. The Process of Giving Birth

There’s a good chance of seeing one or two scenes of this stuff in movies, but it’s not something you’ll like to see in real life. The thing is, the real process is actually hundred times more disturbing than what you see in movies. The bottom line; don’t search it if you’re a woman, you might end up being discouraged about the idea of giving birth.

9. Anything That’s Likely to Give Away Your Insecurities

Searching for these things may leave you vulnerable to unscrupulous fellows who prey on your emotions. If things go as planned, you’ll eventually sign up for something you don’t really need or end up buying something that adds no value to your life.

10. Smoker’s Lungs

Do you smoke? If yes, try as much as possible to resist the urge to look up “smoker’s lungs” You probably know that smoking takes a toll on your lungs but you wouldn’t want to see images of abnormal lungs of chain smokers — it could drive you crazy! Well, it could also motivate you to quit the habit, but I’ll recommend you go for therapy instead.

So there you have it! These are ten things you should never type in Google’s all-knowing box — trust me, it’s for the best!

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