Top 10 Knee Braces For Running (Updated 2019)

As we all know running is extremely healthy and is something that is recommended in order to keep your fitness level up. But of course, like anything else in life, if you push yourself too hard you may injure yourself. In this post, we look at the best knee braces for running.

Do you need knee braces for running?

When running, about four times your body weight goes through your knees with each step. Although knee braces will not necessarily prevent injury, it is very helpful with providing comfort and relief to your knee. Knee braces for running can help reduce impact from repetitive high-intensity strain and this is why it is used by many athletes and weightlifters.

So to conclude, it isn’t necessary but it would definitely help. Also, if you have pain in your knees then a knee brace will certainly provide you with some relief.

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Best Knee Brace for Running

1. UFlex Athletics Knee Brace for running

Knee Brace For Running
The Uflex knee brace aims to reduce swelling, soreness, and stiffness. It also has a heating effect which will support muscular recovery. As well as running, it is suitable for all sports activities like weightlifting, basketball, cycling, and tennis. The silicone on the brace is anti-slip and has good compression. This is great for weight lifting, yoga, and many other fitness activities.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer said this knee brace offered him amazing knee support. He also says that not only was he looking for something that worked well, he also wanted something comfortable. And this knee brace by Uflex did not disappoint
  • Another customer used this product for running and says it was very useful with support. The customer says you can really tell the difference wearing a knee brace as appose to not wearing one
  • Another customer says that the product offers good value for money. The customer also says she liked the compression

2. IPow Knee brace for Support

This knee brace for running by IPow is a smaller knee brace which only focuses on the knee area. It is made out of lightweight and soft material and has non-slip material which ensures that you will be able to enjoy any outdoor activity without worrying about it staying in place. The stitching on the product is re-enforced and it comes in one size fits all.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says the knee pads are great, however, when wearing something on top they can slide down so she does need to stop and re-adjust them. Otherwise, she likes the quality of the product.
  • Another customer says he couldn’t imagine running without these now. He says he has been using them for about a month, and in that time has noticed a dramatic decrease in pain felt in the knees while running.
  • Another customer says that the product is awesome. This customer also says the knee brace has allowed her to run for much longer.

3. Sable Knee brace for support and compression

knee brace for compression
These knee braces for running by sable come in a sleek green color. They fit nicely around the knees and have a wide coverage which allows for even distribution. The fabric is made to be flexible and breathable and the knee brace is tailored to offer good compression. The manufacturers are so confident they are offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says he really recommends this product. He says he had a knee brace before which was not tight enough, which was the reason for his recent purchase, and he says this product met his expectations. It reached mid-calf and did not slip.
  • Another customer says this product offers good value for money and really helps with running.
  • Another customer says he had an issue with the knee brace rolling down, other than that it is a quality product that is also comfortable.

4. Knee Brace for Running by Mauwi

This knee brace is made out of high-quality material that is extra elastic. It is also made to be light and long-lasting. The latex and nylon material will give you that needed durability, support, and flexibility. The knee brace is comfortable and offers compression that will help with any minor injuries.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says that this is a great quality product that does not squeeze on the legs too much. Overall great for running and fits perfectly.
  • Another customer is really pleased with this product as even after washing, the product does not lose any of its effectiveness.
  • Another customer says thanks to this product he has again begun to enjoy jogging. He says with using this product no pain is felt and there is reduced heaviness in the knees.

5. Knee compression sleeve by Crucial Compression

This product by Crucial Compression is a lightweight product that is also breathable. It is designed with the goal in mind to support runners with pain relief and comfort. The sleeve can also be used for other activities such as golf, hiking, weightlifting, basketball, and others. One unique thing about the product is that has a unique double silicone grip which aims to stay in place no matter what you are doing.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says that he has used the knee brace for running for a few days now. And it seems to be helpful for pain management and comfort. She says it is the perfect balance of compression and flexibility.
  • Another customer says that the knee brace is good however one issue she has with it is that it sometimes slips down while sitting down. Otherwise, it is great for running.

6. HipStone Knee Sleeve, for Compression Fit Support

This knee brace by HipStone has 3D weaving which basically goes around your leg to keep the knee brace for running secure and in place. The fabric is also made to be breathable and soft. The knee brace is suitable for various exercises such as cycling, running, football, basketball or golf.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says this is a great product that is comfortable enough to be worn daily. The customer says she wears it under her jeans without a problem.
  • Another customer says that the knee brace is too small for an X large size. The customer says the knee brace wasn’t adjustable enough
  • Another customer says that the knee brace didn’t meet his expectations. He says the knee brace kept sliding down his leg mid-workout and he had to stop what he was doing to fix it.

7. Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support – Breathable Compression Knee Brace for Athletes

This knee brace for running offers stabilization during sessions. The pain relief is also targeted around the knee cap area. The sleeve aims to offer a combination of flexibility and comfort. The knee brace is made out of a lightweight ‘Air Knit’ fabric.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says that the product provided great support without the feeling of being bulky or ‘brace like’ which was something that he really liked.
  • Another customer says that the measurements make all the difference. If you get the correct measurement you will get a snug fit that will offer support and comfort to your satisfaction
  • Another customer says the compression and support were good, however, the product felt tight at times.

8. Sleeve Stars Knee Support Brace with Neoprene

This knee brace for running by Sleeve Stars is lightweight and not as prominent as other knee braces on this list. It is easy to put on and helps relieve pain and provide comfort. The model is for both male and female and it fits knees between 12.5 and 22 inches. The knee brace can be easily adjusted.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says that she bought this product for her husband. She says it is a good fit and keeps swelling to a minimum.
  • Another customer says that this type of brace is much better than the sleeve type of brace as it offers more flexibility when adjusting it to fit your size.
  • Another customer says she had trouble finding one that works, however so far this one works well.

9. PowerLix Compression Knee Sleeve for running

This knee brace by PowerLix allows you to push yourself to the limit during physical exercises knowing you have that extra protection and support. The knee brace for running has 2 silicone gel strips and it weaved in a way that ensures it doesn’t slip. The material is soft and comfortable. It is also compressed without compromising your ability to move around. The manufacturers also offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says this product is comfortable and offers the knee support he needs with good compression and comfort.
  • Another customer says this is the best compression brace he has ever tried. He says the fit is expandable but at the same time elastic, which is great as it conforms well on the leg.
  • Another customer says he got this post a knee injury. He says it was effective in the recovery process and is highly recommended

10. Onson Knee brace for running

This 2-piece sleeve offers knee support for running as well as many other exercises. It features anti-slip silicone which is made to ensure the sleeve does not slip down your leg. The material is made to be breathable and comfortable.  It is made out of knitted cotton.

What did customers have to say?

  • One customer says that the product is great. It is both soft and comfortable, which is exactly what this customer is looking for in a knee brace
  • Another customer says that she likes how easy the knee brace was to put on. She says she was skeptical that something like this would make any difference but it did.
  • Another customer says that he uses this sleeve for both running and cycling. He says the product exceeded his expectations on both the price and quality. He says he was very satisfied with this purchase.

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