Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ah, the kitchen. It’s where all the fun happens. If you’re not a fan of the kitchen, maybe owning a few of these cool gadgets will change your mind. You probably haven’t heard of these kitchen items before, however, as soon as you see them you will think – how did I live without that for so long!

10. Automatic Mini Donut Factory

Doughnut Factory
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Every batch gives you 30 doughnuts. You can have your own little factory going on in your kitchen. Make fresh, hot doughnuts in the comfort of your own home. Just fill it up with batter and switch it on. Then sit back and watch as the machine starts flipping out doughnuts for you.

9. STEAM Silicone Lid

Steam Lid
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Not sure how much value this would bring to your kitchen, but it definitely looks cool! I mean who doesn’t want to make a steamship out of their food? Overall a great quirky product that would make a great gift too.

8. Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors
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That roller cutter thing they usually give you with pizzas is pretty hard to use. Pizza scissors seem like a much more practical option. Not sure why this hasn’t been made mainstream. Anyway, it’s not too pricey so you can get your hands on one right now. There’s also a little spatula thing to help you pick up that pizza and serve it to your lucky guests (yourself).

7. Water bottle ice cube tray

Water Bottle Ice Cube
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Ice cubes are great. They keep your drink cool and refreshing. However, you can’t really use them with water bottles! Or any other bottle for that matter. This water bottle ice cube tray gives you a narrow block of ice so you can fit it into any beverage. The ice cube trays come in different colors and each tray makes 10 ice rolls. That’s 40 different ice rolls!

6. Revolving Countertop Spice and Herb Carousel Set

Spices Rack
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Nothing is more annoying than having all your spices and herbs lost around the kitchen. They don’t have to be with this revolving countertop spice and herb carousel set. Not only will you have everything in one place. It will all look sleek and elegant too. You get 20 pre-filled jars, which can be refilled with your own spices and herbs. Also, the design of this product is of really high quality, so you won’t have to worry about it looking cheap. That’s the last thing anyone wants.

5. Bear Claws

Bear Claws
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There’s nothing more difficult than handling meat that’s straight from the oven. These bear claws will help you get a grip and shred meat! It’s made out of heat-resistant nylon and just seems like it will make everything much more fun. You can even use it to lift a big turkey!

4. Cake Batter Dispenser

Cake batter dispenser
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If you’re a fan of pancakes, cakes, waffles, crepes, muffins or any other battery mix then you absolutely need this item! Things can get messy when you’re making cupcakes, well it doesn’t have to. With this product, you can mix everything up, add it to the dispenser, and then you can equally distribute the mix. Pancakes in the morning will never be as fun!

3. Over-The-Sink Strainer Board

Sink Dish
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This is another one of those products that will make you question how you lived without it for so long. You can do your washing, and cut, right at the sink. It’s such a space and time saver. This works really well if you don’t have an exceptionally large kitchen, it also collapses for easy storage. The edges are made of rubber so you won’t have to worry about them slipping. Also, to complete the package the product is dishwasher safe! What else can you ask for?

2. Double dish

Double Dish
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Fan of pistachios? don’t worry, we’re guilty too! This little double dish will make your experience of enjoying them by the TV a whole lot better. It is made out of durable material and is dishwasher safe. It lets you hide shells and pits out the way. You can also use it for olives, edamame beans, and cherries. And if you really want to go old school, you can use it as 2 separate dishes (but then there’s no point).

1. Dip Clips

Dip Clips
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They’re basically clips that hold dips. Not much explaining to do here. But these are really useful. If you love having dips with every meal, then honestly you need to get this! You get 4 little side bowls which you can fill with salsa, guacamole, ketchup, or anything else you can think of.

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