Top 10 Amazing iPhone Camera Lens Kits (Updated 2019)

IPhones without a doubt have one of the best cameras around. However, you probably didn’t know that you can actually get more out of your iPhone by adding iPhone camera lenses to it. A camera lens for iPhone will be able to take your photography to the next level. In this post we look at the top 10 iPhone camera lens add-ons.

What are iPhone camera lenses?

IPhone camera lenses will allow you to be able to do more with your iPhone camera by adding functionalities such as fish eye, super wide angles or macro (see diagrams below).

iPhone camera lens

wide angle camera lens

Fish eye camera lens

Macro lens

If you are a photographer then these lenses will be a good investment. They are relatively not that expensive so you won’t be spending a lot of money, however on the plus side, the pictures you will be able to take will be amazing. There are many different types of iPhone camera lens kits out there and choosing the right one can be overwhelming, for this reason we have the list you need below, the top 10 iPhone camera lens kits.

Top 10 iPhone Camera Lens kits

1. Amir 2 in 1 Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

This iPhone camera lens by Amir is great. Its build quality is amazing, is compatible with a variety of different smart phones such as most iPhones including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Samsung and the majority of smartphones. The iPhone camera itself looks great and allows you to take amazing wide angle pictures, as well as enhanced macro lens pictures (15X). Overall it performs really well and has a solid design, so no need to worry about the damaging the camera lens. The only flaw that could be noted is that the clip doesn’t have the best design, however if you can overlook that, you have a great camera lens on your hands that is certainly worth the purchase.

2. TECHO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

Another great iPhone camera lens kit. This iPhone camera lens by TECHO features a small HD detachable macro lens that can pictures of small items in great detail, or a wide angle HD lens that can take pictures with wide ranges, such as landscapes or buildings. The clamp design is suitable for most smart phones such as the iPhone, the HTC, a Samsung or can even be attached to an iPad. I would certainly recommend this iPhone camera lens, the pictures you can take with the macro lens in particular are amazing. The amount of detail you can get is stunning, it is as if you are upgrading your iPhone camera.

3. AUKEY Ora iPhone Lens, Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

The iPhone camera lens by Aukey is another great piece of kit. As you can expect it features both the wide angle lens and the macro lens (0.45x 140° Wide Angle + 10x Macro Clip-on). It is perfect if you travel a lot and want to take amazing shots of scenery, landscapes or even detailed close ups. The clip which is detachable is made out of rubber, which means adjusting it won’t be too difficult, and it won’t scratch your precious iPhone when you do clip it on. This product comes with a carrying pouch, a cleaning cloth as well as the iPhone camera lenses.

4. VICTONY Professional 2 in 1 Phone Lens Kit in Rose Gold

This iPhone camera lens is beautifully finished in a rose gold design. This will suit you if you have a rose gold iPhone. It features a wide angle lens up to 0.45X and a macro lens up to 12.5X. It is a solid iPhone camera lens kit and is very well built. It fits many different smartphones such as the Samsung galaxy, the Samsung note, the iPad and of course the iPhone. The quality of photos it gives you isn’t as good as some of the other iPhone camera lenses on the list however they are still pretty good. The macro lens is amazing, however the wide angle lens could be better.

5. Amir 3 in 1 Fisheye Lens

This iPhone camera lens kit will allow you to meet all your photography needs. As you can expect it comes with a wide angle camera lens and a macro lens, but it also comes with a fish eye lens. Which will allow you to take amazing fish eye photos. The macro lens and the fish eye lens are attached together. The wide angle lens take photos of 0.4X, and the macro lens of 10X. The fisheye takes photos at an angle of 180°. In the box you get a microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a bag.

6. Apexel 4 in 1 Camera Lens

The Apexel 4 in 1 iPhone camera lens has 4 different types of lenses in their kit. It has the telephoto lens with manual focus at 8X, a fish eye lens at 198°, a wide angle lens at 0.63X and a macro lens at 15X. The Apexel iPhone camera lens is made out of high quality material, to ensure the product lasts as long as possible. The telephoto lens is one of this products highlights, it allows you to take amazing images from a distance. This is useful if you enjoy bird watching, watching games, basketball, or football.

7. CamRah iPhone Camera Lens Kit

The CamRah iPhone lens kit features a lot of items at a very reasonable price. Not only do you get the 3 universal lenses: the fisheye, the wide angle and the macro, but you also get 2 Lens Clips, an octopus Tripod, a storage bag and photo tips. This gives you all the tools you need to take a perfect picture. Whether you want to take a wide angle shot, or you need a cool fish eye affect, you’re covered! Overall it is a great product that I would recommend.

8. XENVO Premium Camera Lens Kit with LED Light

The Xenvo camera lens kit comes with a portable case, an LED light and a 2 in 1 macro and wide angle lens. The 12.5X lens allows you to zoom in and get up close and personal with whatever you are taking a picture of. It allows you to capture all the little details. One thing unique to this product that the other iPhone camera lens kits on this list don’t have is the LED light. You can plug it straight into your iPhone and it is rechargeable. It has 3 settings, low medium and high. This will allow you to get the perfect lighting for your pictures.

9. YOPO Camera Lens Kit for iPhone

This product is one of the more premium priced products of this list. The YOPO camera kit lens kit comes with the fish eye lens, the telephoto lens, the macro lens and the wide angle lens. All 4 lenses are made out of good quality material, and are portable and detachable. Since all the equipment is lightweight and comes with a carrying pouch, travelling with this product is a breeze. The iPhone camera lens kit also comes with a tripod and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Even though this product is pricier than some of the other products on the list, it is still certainly worth the investment.

10. VicTsing 3 in 1 iPhone camera lens kit

This product is one of the cheaper products on the list. It basically gives you the essentials without all that other extra stuff. You get a fish eye lens, a wide angle lens, a macro lens, and a plastic lens cover. All the products are of satisfactory quality. Certainly not as good as some of the other iPhone camera lens kits on this list but it is a start. The products are fairly durable too. Overall a good value for money product.

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